The 30 Day Writing Challenge is back

There’s just a few days left before the 30 Day Writing Challenge begins which means there’s still time to sign up.

Perhaps you have a blog that’s gathering dust or there’s a book you’ve been meaning to write. Either way, the challenge is a great way to build a writing habit.

I know the challenge sounds daunting, so I wanted to directly address some objections I’ve heard:

I don’t have time to write
You’ll want to put aside around 30 minutes per day to get the most out of the challenge. That time should be spent writing without distraction. You might end up writing less on some days. Even writing for 10 minutes is better than nothing.

You may have to give something up during the challenge. Perhaps you could use that time you’d usually spend in front of the TV at the end of the day. Or perhaps you could get up an hour earlier. Either way, the time you put in to this challenge is an investment in your future self.

I won’t be able to write every day during April
Want to take weekends off? Go ahead. Have a week-long holiday booked? No problem. While ideally you would write every day, the real goal of the challenge is to get you writing more than you would otherwise. If you can’t write every day during April, don’t let that put you off. Write what you can.

Do I have to publish what I write every day?
No. In fact, I’d advise against it. I published daily last year and it was intense. The goal is to turn up and write. Some days, what you write will be great. Other days, it will be garbage. That’s just part of the creative process. Turning up to write is more important than what you write.

I don’t know what to write about
Tell a story that made an impression on you recently. Talk about your workflow or process. Write about a solution to a problem you’ve recently encountered. Write a review. Interview someone in the industry. Or write about what’s on your mind.

Open up a notebook and scribble down some ideas. As soon as you have another idea, write it down. Always write down your ideas. You’ll soon have plenty of topics to write about.

Sound good? Click here to find out more about the challenge and to sign up. Be sure to join the Slack group, too.

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This entry is part of the 30 Day Writing Challenge, where I'm trying to write and publish every day during April. All my posts in this challenge can be found here.

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