30DWC: Day 1

Last year, I started a 30 day writing challenge and invited others to join me. The idea was to write consecutively for 30 days to build a writing habit. I managed to write 30 blog posts. It was a challenge to write, edit and publish a post in a single day. It gave me a lot of respect for people who do that day in, day out.

This year, my goal is different. I plan to write at least 500 words a day towards a book I’m working on. I’m not ready to announce what the book is about just yet (partly because it may change). Let’s just say it’s in the self-help/productivity genre.

My goal isn’t to finish the book during April. I should have over 15,000 words at the end of the challenge. Some of those words will hopefully make sense. The rest will be rewritten or binned.

Yesterday was the first day of the challenge. I’m writing this a day late because honestly the idea to journal about the challenge only just occurred to me. The Slack channel is busy with people sharing what they’re writing. It’s incredibly inspiring to watch. But I felt bad. As the guy who set this challenge up, I felt like I should at least be contributing. So these journal entries are my small contribution.

The first day of the challenge just so happened to be a Saturday. I have a morning routine that I try and stick to but I have a much more laid back approach to Saturday and Sunday mornings. This was the case yesterday, too. I arrived at my desk to write about 8:00am.

I started by arranging some chapters titles I had written down and formed a rough outline. I then picked the most interesting topic and starting writing. It just so happened to be chapter 1, but I don’t plan on writing the book in order.

It went fairly smoothly. I’m in writing mode. I’m not worried about editing. I fix typos and sentences when I spot them, but otherwise, it’s rough work. The plan is to edit at a later stage, but for now it’s production mode.

So that’s day 1 done. 29 days to go.

Words written: 831
Total words: 831

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