30DWC: Day 3

My alarm went off at 6am. After meditating and making tea, I was at my desk to write for 6:30am.

It’s the first time I’ve had an early start during the challenge and it felt good.

I like to write early when the world around me is asleep. Twitter is slow, my email inbox is dead, and Slack is quiet. It’s the perfect time to create.

I use an app called Focus to prevent further distractions. When I hit the menu bar icon, it enables the Focus timer for 25 minutes. During this time, it blocks distracting websites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Amazon) as well as distracting apps (Slack, Tweetbot, Spark).

One of the best productivity tips I can offer is this: don’t rely on willpower. Willpower is finite. You have to setup your environment to facilitate focus. While the Focus timer is running, I can’t get on Twitter even if I want to. And for the most part, it stops me from even trying. My only option is to sit here and write.

Yesterday I wrote about my problems nailing the premise of the book. My goal today was to explore that. I took what I wrote yesterday and turned it into a chapter. What I wrote was pretty good and it helped me think deeper about the problem.

I wrapped up my writing by 8am and went about my day, casually thinking about the book in free moments. You know how it is when you’re working on a big project – you can’t help but think about it. It was much later when I stuck in traffic – driving home from a client meeting – that I had a small epiphany.

I had given the book a title that I liked. It was short and snappy, but it made an assumption about the premise of the book. It wasn’t until that car journey that I realised I didn’t agree with that premise. I know I’m being a little abstract, but it felt like an important break through.

When I got home, I wrote another 500 words to capture my thoughts. And that’s where I’ll kick off tomorrow morning. I’m excited to sit at my keyboard again and see where this path leads.

Words written: 1667
Total words: 3458

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