The checklists I use to run my business

The following are the checklists I use to run my business.

Each checklist has a few simple criteria:

  • It should be clear what the checklist is for and when it should be used
  • The checklist should be as short as possible
  • The wording should be simple and precise

Why use a checklist?

I’ve previously written about the importance of a checklist. I summarised by saying:

The problem is that our jobs are too complex to be carried out by memory alone. The humble checklist provides defence against our own limitations in more tasks than we might realise.

David Perell in The Checklist Habit:

The less you have to think, the better. When you’re fully dependent on your memory, consider making a checklist. Don’t under-estimate the compounding benefits of fixing small operational leaks. Externalizing your processes is the best way to see them with clear eyes. Inefficiencies stand out like a lone tree on a desert plateau. Once the checklist is made, almost anybody in the organization can perform that operation.

The Checklist Manifesto is a great book on the subject.

Pre-project checklists

Minimum level of engagement
Questions to determine if a client will be a good fit.

Questions to ask before a client engagement
Questions to run through before engaging on a project.

Project Starter Checklist (coming soon)
Things required before starting a project.

Website launch

Pre-launch Checklist (coming soon)
Run through this checklist before launching a website

Post-launch Checklist (coming soon)
Run through this checklist after launching a website.

End of project

Project Feedback (coming soon)
Questions once the project has been completed.

Testimonials (coming soon)
A series of questions to ask to get good testimonials.


Weekly review

Quarterly Review (coming soon)

Annual Review (coming soon)

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