Marc Jenkins

Recommended podcasts on Covid-19

In late February, I began to wake up to the fact that Covid-19 was going to dramatically impact all of our lives. I started checking the news for hours a day, following with trepidation as the pandemic was unfolding and markets began crashing around the globe.

Here’s the thing with the news: a small amount of high-quality information keeps you informed, but any more than that adds unnecessary stress and anxiety.

I’ve always struggled to get this balance right. I want to be informed and understand what’s going on, but I don’t want to be bombarded with information that doesn’t have any benefit.

I’ve since reigned in my impulses and got my news diet back on track. My current news source of choice is The Economist. I use the app on my iPhone to read the “Espresso” every morning, which contains 6-8 paragraphs of world news that is updated daily. It takes a few minutes and I’m done and it’s wonderful.

While I’ve cut back on my news consumption, I am still listening to podcasts to learn more about what’s going on. Podcasts are great because they allow for a deeper and more nuanced discussion.

Here are a few podcasts I’ve listened to about Covid-19 that were helpful or interesting in some way:

If you’ve listened to a podcast that you found useful (or an article, for that matter), I’d love to hear about it: [email protected].