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  1. On burning out

    Earlier this year, I burnt out. It's horrible, partly because it's invisible. It's hard to self-diagnose. I also share a few things that have helped me since.
  2. Seasons

    Creative work has seasons. Part of the work is to know which season it is, and act accordingly.
  3. Impact

    You only need an audience of one to make an impact.
  4. Monthly themes

    I'm exploring the idea of picking monthly themes as a way of focusing my energy and attention on a particular area of interest.
  5. Guilt

    Guilt – anxiety and regret, too – will drain your energy and are enemies of productivity.
  6. The unknown is hard work

    When we do something we haven't done before, we find it more difficult.
  7. Unplug

    The past few days has reinforced the importance of disconnecting. I believe creating space and margin in our lives is important for being creative and doing our best work.
  8. Half-time Q&A Session

    Several of us taking the writing challenge are regular listeners of The Tim Ferriss Show. We thought it would be fun to answer questions that Tim Ferriss regularly asks on his podcast.
  9. Why I’m in Oxford

    This is the story of why I purchased a Smashing Conference ticket without thinking twice.
  10. Reading more intentionally

    Over the past 18 months (since starting my own business), the theme that ties together my thinking and writing has been living a more intentional life. And this project is a natural extension to that idea: reading more intentionally.
  11. The /now page

    The /now page is simply a page that lists what you're doing now, a public declaration of priorities.
  12. A new home

    Plausible Thought is no more. I’ve moved everything over to my own domain—something I’ve been meaning to do for a year or so.
  13. Journaling: day one

    Writing, or any creative endeavour, isn't magic. It's hard work. And you need to create the right conditions for that hard work to take place.
  14. I’m joining the modmore team!

    Today I have some exciting personal news to share... I’m joining the team at modmore as their content strategist.
  15. The muscle theory

    Exercise the traits you want to be known for and starve the ones you don't.
  16. I’m going freelance

    As of next month, I will be a full-time freelance frontend web developer and owner of 16by9.
  17. You are not late

    Kevin Kelly wrote a wonderful piece called You Are Not Late in which he puts things into perspective.
  18. On blogging

    Don't get distracted by your writing environment, or the CMS, or your blog template. Focus on the writing.
  19. Fifty

    These discussions helped form who I am today.
  20. Takeaways from Responsive Day Out 2

    A write up of my thoughts on Responsive Day Out 2.
  21. Progress and reassurance

    There are no version numbers on the web. No one asks you what version of Facebook you’re using or if you could just install a 200mb update.
  22. 500 words

    I'm setting myself a new challenge. Over the next month I’m going to write 500 words a day.
  23. Time

    Time is a valuable asset we all have. We're thrifty with our money, yet most of us spend our time without much thought.
  24. Happy birthday, World Wide Web

    Today marks the 25th birthday of the World Wide Web. It was 25 years ago that a young English computer scientist...
  25. Podcasts

    2013 was a great year for podcasts. Here’s a run down of what I’m currently listening to...
  26. How can we make a ruckus

    It’s important because why else are we here? We won the lottery. We have the right parents, we were born in the right decade, we are the wealthiest generation in the history of mankind.
  27. Inspire kids to learn to code

    Code Club is an after school coding club for children aged 10-11. Like the two co-founders, I also share the belief that it is essential that children are introduced to coding at an early age and shown how much fun it can be.
  28. Why you should pay too much for things

    Have you ever inherited something that’s really old? When you held it, did you notice that it’s different than what you can buy at the store today?
  29. Helvetica

    Helvetica is an extraordinarily well-made documentary film by Gary Hustwit about ‘typography, graphic design and global visual culture’.
  30. Hello world

    Plausible Thought is my new home on the web. A place where I hope to share links and write short articles.

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