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  1. Todoist: the filters I use

    This is the second post in a mini series I’m doing on how I use Todoist. The first was about how I stay focused using a custom start page. Here are the filters I currently…

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  2. Clouds and dirt

    I recently picked up a copy of Gary Vaynerchuk’s latest book, #AskGaryVee. It’s a fun read, with the self-confidence and raw energy you’d expect from Gary. It’s what I call a loo book: the Q&A…

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  3. Dumbphone

    The other day, I talked about trying to unplug more often. This is a continuation in that journey. My phone is the biggest distraction device I own. It’s always at arm’s length and it’s full of…

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  4. The importance of a checklist

    I’ve been working my way through The Checklist Manifesto, which, as you can probably guess, makes the argument that we should all be using checklists. The author tells lots of stories to demonstrate the importance of…

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  5. Today’s priority

    Words change meaning over time. Soon, for example, originally meant now. In The Etymologicon, Mark Forsyth explains: Soon was the Anglo-Saxon word for now. It’s just that after a thousand years of people saying ‘I’ll…

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  6. My daily routine

    Yesterday, Darren Beale wrote a great post about his morning routine. Like Darren, I won’t go into the benefits of a daily routine. But I’ll say this: my productivity, and more importantly, my output have…

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  7. Trello: tips & tricks

    Over the past 12 months, Trello has become a crucial part in how I run my business. I now use Trello to manage all of my client projects, keep on top of my project pipeline, and to…

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  8. The raft

    A raft at sea is useless. It moves around aimlessly—back and forth—to nowhere in particular. One day it moves forward and the next it’s back where it started. There’s no sense of direction… and the…

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  9. Scratch: a quick input notepad for iPhone

    I’ve been using Scratch for a couple of days and I love it. It has replaced PlainText as my main writing app. Scratch is a quick-input notepad for your iPhone. At £1.99, it’s a premium…

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