Weekly review checklist

Every week, I sit down with a coffee and work through this list. It takes anywhere between 20 and 60 minutes, depending on how much time I have.


  • Email inbox
  • Things inbox (Things is my task manager of choice)
  • FreeAgent (invoicing, expenses)
  • Trello (sales pipeline, active projects)
  • Check backups


  • Bank accounts
  • Quarterly goals
  • Yearly theme
  • Calendar
  • Things
    • Ensure all active projects are relevant and have a next action
    • Review someday projects
    • Check tasks have relevant tags


  • Write out this weeks goals & intentions
  • Answer Mastermind Automatic Check-ins
    • Did you read, watch or listen to anything that you think the rest of the group might find useful or interesting?
    • What did you accomplish or learn this week?
    • What are your plans for the week?

This is one of the checklists I use to run my business.

If you have feedback, get in touch – I’d love to hear it.

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