100 things that made my year

  1. Seeing in the new year in Barcelona
  2. This gift from my parents: a book telling the story we were told as kids, written by my dad and illustruated by my mum
  3. This gift from my wife: a watercolour painting that hangs in the home office
  4. Veganuary and Dry January
  5. Getting a puppy
  6. Finally getting a full nights sleep after getting said puppy
  7. Zoom quizzes with family and friends
  8. Having a year theme (mine was the year of calm)
  9. The Waking Up meditation app
  10. Making carrot cake for the wife’s lockdown birthday
  11. My mastermind buddies Andy and Blair
  12. The Bosh cookbooks
  13. Celebrating my sister’s 30th with family
  14. Formula 1 putting on a fantastic season despite everything
  15. Not doomscrolling
  16. The inline-block community
  17. Playing Overcooked 2 with the wife
  18. Making jalapeno poppers with fresh allotment chillies
  19. The Mandalorian
  20. Hot summer days
  21. Cutting my own hair for the first time
  22. Islay whisky masterclass at HTFW with Tommy and Jonny
  23. Discovering Beck’s back catalogue
  24. The wife’s new Alfa Romeo Giulietta
  25. Listening to nerdy discussions on Accidental Tech Podcast
  26. Tommy Bank’s Food Box
  27. Switching to Nova, Panic’s new code editor
  28. The Economist’s Daily Espresso
  29. Upgrading to a Kindle Oasis
  30. Reading Search For A Whisky Bothie with a dram
  31. Watching James Acaster: Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999
  32. Rediscovering Metallica’s S&M
  33. Receiving an email from Derek Sivers about his new book and insta-buying
  34. Watching Formula 1 Esports
  35. Journalling in the Theme System Journal
  36. Spontaneous trips to our local bakery to buy bagels and donuts
  37. Long walks without headphones
  38. Book club calls with Andy, Matthew and Eddie
  39. The Off Menu Podcast
  40. Making a video of birthday messages from friends and family for the wife’s lockdown birthday
  41. Messing around on this website
  42. Dave Grohl and Nandi’s drum battle
  43. Eating fish and chips by the sea
  44. Watching SpaceX launch astronauts into space
  45. Using good quality tools
  46. Cotswold Cream Liqueur
  47. Last of Us 2
  48. Watching Great British Menu
  49. Working on my 16by9 rebrand with Jordan
  50. iOS 14’s widgets
  51. Long phone calls with family and friends
  52. Devin Townsend
  53. Putting up new wall art in the office
  54. Learning about zettlekasten
  55. Making great coffee with a V60
  56. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari
  57. Reading Monevator’s weekly commentary over a cuppa every Saturday morning
  58. Getting a dishwasher for the first time
  59. Playing online chess with Dad
  60. Michael McIntyre’s Netflix special
  61. Making and eating a Friday night curry
  62. Boris Johnson memes
  63. Lazy weekends
  64. Getting into rum
  65. Holidaying in St. Ives
  66. Dogs walk on the beach
  67. Dining at the Oyster Club
  68. Watching the Silverstone Grand Prix at Caffeine and Machine
  69. Being offered a well paid full-time position and turning it down due being happy where I am
  70. Reading How to be an Antiracist and trying to be more antiracist
  71. Afterlife Season 2
  72. Playing Firewatch for the first time
  73. The wife’s apple crumble made with apples from the garden
  74. Not doing much DIY
  75. Taking photos on my iPhone
  76. Making home-made pizza
  77. Lockdown beer box from local brewery Purity
  78. CGP Grey’s Spaceship You video
  79. Sum by David Eagleman
  80. Boarding the Tesla investing train
  81. Coconut milk chai latte’s
  82. Working from my home office
  83. Matt Berninger’s Serpentine Prison
  84. Watching modern F1 cars race on old circuits such as Mugello and Imola
  85. Philps cornish pasties
  86. Sam Harris’ voice of reason in an often unreasonable world
  87. MKBHD’s tech reviews
  88. Making my mum’s potato and leek soup recipe that was my favourite as a kid
  89. Nailing this years vegetarian christmas dinner
  90. My carrot and orange birthday cake
  91. Dog cuddles
  92. The Dithering podcast
  93. Biffy Clyro’s live performance of ‘A Celebration Of Endings’
  94. Binge watching Ben Fogle: New Lives In The Wild
  95. Weekend morning’s spent drinking coffee and reading RSS feeds
  96. Dog walks in the woods
  97. The sound of paired HomePods in the home office
  98. Mum’s curry
  99. Watching birds on the newly installed bird feeder in the garden
  100. Seeing the back of 2020