What I’m doing now

  • I spend most of my time running an independent WordPress consulting studio called 16BY9. I’m currently helping a client in the education sector improve website conversions by designing and implementing A/B tests and starting to wireframe a new website for a museum.
  • I’m working on a rebrand and a new website for 16BY9, due for completion at the end of January.
  • I’ve spent September doing a thirty-day digital declutter after reading Cal Newport’s latest book Digital Minimalism. I’ve not used social media for the entire month.
  • I’m tinkering on this website as much as I can. I have a roadmap of improvements I’d like to make.
  • I’m trying to meditate daily using the excellent Waking Up app.
  • I’m trying to read for at least 30 minutes every day. I keep a list of the non-fiction books I’ve read.
  • I love cooking but it’s easy to fall into the habit of cooking the same handful of dishes week in, week out. So I’m trying to cook something new every week.
  • We’ve recently introduced a yellow lab called Nessie into the family, so we’re spending a lot of time dog training.

I’m currently reading:

Inspired by Derek Sivers. If you have your own site, you should make one too.