What I’m doing now

Day-to-day, I’m running my WordPress consultancy business 16BY9.

My schedule is full until the end of the year. I’m hoping to take a little breather in January to take stock and change a few things for the coming year.

Health and fitness
I’m really enjoying the Apple Watch as a way to be more conscious about my exercise and sleep schedules. My wife and I are also participating in Pedometer++ monthly challenges which has encouraged us to get out and walk more often.

We’re still eating a pescatarian diet but are eating less fish.

I’m also trying to get back into daily mindfulness meditation (using the excellent Waking Up podcast).

Home improvements
We’re putting the finishing touches on the house extension we started in August 2018. I’m kitting out my office, and we’re furnishing the lounge and dining room. We should be all set by Christmas.

I’m trying to read for at least 30 minutes per day. I’m currently reading:

Updated: Sep 2019

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