Cortex on time tracking

In episode 44 of Cortex, Myke and Grey discussed time tracking. I have a love/hate relationship with time tracking. As an employee, I hated it. It made no sense to track 7.5 hours per day (because who does that much productive work in a day?). But as someone who is self-employed, it makes total sense (and I can see why I was made to do it as an employee).

As Grey says in the episode: if you care about how you’re spending your time, track your time.

Myke and Grey talk about the revelations they had while tracking their time, which match my own:

  • Your brain has no idea how much time you’re spending on stuff. You can’t trust yourself to have any sense of how long it takes to do things.
  • You think you’re working way more than you actually are.
  • You’ll spot patterns. You’ll notice that those busy periods will catch up with you.

It’s worth a listen. And FWIW, I track my time using Freckle.