Hiding files and directories in a Sublime Text project

I spend a lot of my time developing WordPress sites in Sublime Text 2. WordPress comes with a bunch of files and directories that I rarely need to touch (wp-includes, wp-admin, wp-cron.php, etc).

There is an easy way to hide these files from the Sublime Text sidebar, as illustrated below (left: default, right: hidden files).

My Alfred blog post workflow

To hide files from the sidebar, you’ll need to:

  • Save the current open directory as project (Project > Save Project As)
  • Open the .sublime-project file and copy the path
  • Paste in the following code and paste in the path copied above
 "folders": [
	 "folder_exclude_patterns": [
	 "path": "/your/project/path/here",
	 "file_exclude_patterns": [

Of course, you can add and remove directories or files as you require and it doesn’t have to apply to WordPress: you can use this method to hide any directories or files you want.

I’ve turned this into a basic TextExpander snippet. Simply copy the path to the clipboard, then type “;sublwp” and you’re done. You can download the snippet here.