I love a good podcast. There is a wealth of knowledge out there waiting to be listened to. For over a year I’ve been using Instacast Overcast to sync my favourite shows (mostly 5by5, it has to be said). I found that I was listening to the same old shows. What I needed was something new and fresh.

Recently I‘ve started using Huffduffer. It’s a tool that allows you to put together your own podcast of audio files. You can do this by using the Huffduff it bookmarklet or by exploring audio files other users have been listening to. For a better explanation of how Huffduffer works, check out this screencast.

The way I use it is simple: I collect the podcasts I want to listen to, either by using the bookmarklet or by browsing audio files from my collective. I then subscribe to my podcast RSS feed using Instacast which automatically downloads the audio files straight to my iPhone. That way, I always have an up to date collection of interesting stuff to listen to.