Scratch: a quick input notepad for iPhone

I’ve been using Scratch for a couple of days and I love it. It has replaced PlainText as my main writing app.

Scratch is a quick-input notepad for your iPhone. At £1.99, it’s a premium priced app, but deservedly so — it’s fast and solid.

The app is focused around a cleverly designed toolbar which snaps to the top of the keyboard. Using the toolbar, you can quickly create a new note or go to your history of previous notes.

Slide the toolbar along and you have a custom shortcut bar allowing you to insert commonly used characters or emoticons. Slide the toolbar along again and you have markdown shortcuts — ideal for writing blog posts.

Notes can be saved to Dropbox but here lies my only gripe with the app: you have to specify which folder you would like to save in each time. I’d love it you could set a default folder (all my notes are stored in the ‘Notes’ directory).

You can also ‘Append to a Dropbox file’, a feature that I haven’t found use for yet but seems like an interesting idea.

This post was written using Scratch and I hope to write a lot more with it. I recommend you give it a try.