End of an era

I just deleted my Twitter account (or, to be precise, deactivated my account which will then be deleted in 30 days).

And yes, I’m going to continue calling it Twitter. X is a shit name.

I loved the early days of Twitter. It was full of my peers: web developers, designers, people who cared about their craft and who cared about the things I do.

I found a full-time job via Twitter. Clients have hired me after finding me on Twitter. I formed a mastermind group with people I met on Twitter. I started a small Slack community primarily with people I met from Twitter. And I’ve made many life-long friends from Twitter.

It’s had a bigger impact on my life than any other social media platform. So while I hate what Twitter has become, it’s a little sad to finally say goodbye.

These days, I’m happily posting on Mastodon. It has similar vibes to the early Twitter days and is a much more pleasant place to be.