Favourite Mac applications and utilities

Chris Coyier recently shared a few of his favourite tools and services. This reminded me of similar post I wrote in 2014 about my favourite Mac applications. Since that post is almost 10 years old, I thought I’d share an updated list. See my /uses page for an extensive list of software that I use.

I recently discovered that you can use NetNewsWire to sync RSS subscriptions via iCloud, allowing you to sync RSS feeds between your iPhone, iPad and Mac without a paid for sync service.

Digital post-it notes. I use it for quick impermanent notes – things like copying API keys or links to check out later – that don’t belong in Obsidian.

Makes time tracking effortless. Syncs with Toggl.

A 3rd party app store with a single subscription. All of the apps below can be found in Setapp.

Handy utility for toggling hidden Mac settings, much easier than trying to find the relevant terminal command.

I love menu bar apps but don’t like the visual clutter. Bartender keeps my menu bar tidy.

Allows me to quickly see the battery of my iPhone, iPad, AirPods, keyboard and mouse.

Menu bar app that allows me to quickly look at different time zones.

Neat clipboard management app. I’ve only just started using this app, but the more I use it, the more I love it.

PixelSnap 2
Measure the distance between elements on your screen.

Quickly and easily select any colour on your screen.

Perfect for quick calculations.

For batch-editing and compressing images.

For managing MySQL databases (it supports plenty of other databases too).

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