Want to hire me?

That's great! I'm a WordPress specialist based in Birmingham, UK who designs and builds websites for startups, businesses and agencies. If you have a project in mind, I'd love to hear from you.

Here's my availability for the next 6 months:

  1. Oct '18
  2. Nov '18
  3. Dec '18
  4. Jan '19
  5. Feb '19
  • Low availability. I'm not starting new projects.
  • Medium availability. There's some time to schedule in new project work.
  • High availability. Get in touch to get your project booked in.

Some useful things to know before contacting me:

  • Full website redesigns typically take around 4-12 weeks to complete and require a starting budget of £2,000
  • It's usually around 4 weeks before I can start your project, but I'm happy to discuss the details and get things in place before then
  • If you're an agency, my day rate is £300 although I'm happy to provide a fixed-project cost
  • I don't advertise, link exchange or accept guest posts on this website

Contact details

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Still interested in working together? Great! Drop me an email at marc@16by9.uk or use the form below.

If you're contacting me about a potential project, please provide as much detail as possible (timelines, requirements) so that I can respond to your enquiry more quickly.

I’m usually quick to respond but please allow a couple of days for my response.